Welcome to the city of Pornwood!

Now in Open Beta!

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We will NOT reset the game! :)

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Think about it...
So you always wanted to be a farmer and chase magic dragons...
Yeah right, what a load of crap.

Now go grab your smart phone, start filming and get ready to fulfill your destiny as the King of the Adult Industry!
Open BETA!
Big thanks to all of you who helped us sort out the closed beta!

Our great quest continues but this time as Open Beta! Players from the closed beta don't need to worry - all accounts will remain as they are!

Expect a lot of updates in the near future!
First 100 Beta keys ready to be shipped!
The first 100 beta keys will be shipped on Jan 11th!
Finally, after hundreds of sleepless nights Hot Candy Land is about to go live!
The hottest Beta of 2014 is almost done!
Hot Candy Land is really hard to classify. But we're pretty sure as of today it'll be the underground indie game of the century! :)

After all... What can go wrong when you have every available PEGI rating and boobs? Loads of boobs...
We are using cookies - actually we're taking them away from our girls so that they'll always stay fit! If you don't like cookies - don't play the game! (more info)